Technical Services and Production Enhancement Campaigns for Oil and Gas & Geothermal production.


FDP Field development planning, monitoring and optimisation solutions for Greenfields & Brownfields

Igneous can also offer more classical engineering services which are listed here. Get the most out of your asset with the added potential of Geothermal Energy & Carbon Capture technologies application.

Integrated initial data interpretation – seismic data, petrophysical data, PVT

Geological modelling, property mapping, remaining oil localisation, IOR & EOR

Dynamic modelling. Reserves evaluation and production forecast

Analogue fields study and technologies implementation with best EOR world practice

Programs for additional exploration of formations. Welltest (PTA and RTA)

Horizontal wells re-completion with ICD. Surface facilities planning

Workover program planning and implementation

Economic project assessment via factor analysis


Wells Project Management – A trusted partner in well delivery

Key to our wells project management success is access to our team of in-house specialists who can support operations with technical expertise in a range of disciplines, each led by an industry recognised experts – including several SPE Distinguished Lecturers.

Our Wells project management service is delivered via a team of highly motivated wells professionals.

We have built up a highly enviable track record successfully delivering over 120 wells projects in 15 countries using over 20 different drilling units including many new country start-ups.

Our specialist industry experts offer:

Well design and operations management

QHSE management

Complete well tangible supply

Specialist production, completion and subsea engineering teams

Contracts & procurement

Worldwide logistics support

Our expertise and reputation offers clients access to reduced operational insurances

We provide technical expertise in:

Drill site survey

Wellbore stability / geomechanics

Shallow hazard assessment

Performance management

Formation damage

Core analysis, core management

Operations geology and petrophysics

Rig inspection and rig equipment


Drilling and Geosteering

Whether using onsite or remote Geosteering, Igneous can help your site maximise the resources available, including; continuous supervision of drilling operations, assessment of the stratigraphic location of the drill bit, constant communication with directional drillers and operator personnel and proactive evaluation of Wellpath position in relation to existing and planned wellbores.

Seismic and geological support while drilling

Risk analysis while drilling

Geomechanical 3D modelling

Base projects for drilling optimisation


Return to Production/Service (RTP/S) expertise and solutions

Igneous has a wealth of subsurface intelligence, technical ingenuity, and the experience to develop strategies that drive production, performance, and profits. Our multidiscipline team has experts in geoscience, geomechanics, reservoir modelling and simulation, reservoir engineering, and well production.

Oil seems and under-gas-cap zones: ICD, multilateral wells with ICD, intelligent completions.

Geothermal experience on the Exploration, Appraisal and Development stages

Relative permeability modifiers

Low permeable reservoirs: ERD and multilateral wells with multistage HF (up to 5 laterals)

Sand production solutions

Scales, Paraffine and Hydrate deposition

Challenging environments: HPHT, Depletion, H2S