We are providing innovative solutions to your technical and business challenges.


Portfolio Restructuring and Optimisation

We help energy professionals in the industry. So, they can unleash the total value of their assets by leveraging a combination of industry expertise, best practices, and tested solutions. Thus, Igneous helps organisations maximise the value of reserves. Meanwhile, we are also deploying the latest solutions to offer new processes supporting alternative energy sources with our PhD fund.

We have many experienced individuals who supervise activities and personnel on location, including drilling, completion, and production operations, as well as safety supervision and site construction.

We can provide training for non-industry professionals. Based on many subjects relating to the Resources sector.

We have a stable to some of the most talented individuals ready to facilitate whatever your operation requires. Either in-house or on a project basis, our expertise covers all commodities, Blue and Green Hydrogen and all Rare Earth Elements.

Igneous is also fortunate enough to offer classic business consulting, with the difference that we really understand the demands and technicalities of your business. Be it Marketing, PR, Business Development, or Contractor Management, we’ve got you covered.