Your Technical and Business support Partner for the Energy, Resources, and Renewables Sectors.

At the heart of Igneous Solutions, our principles are Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. Accordingly, we look to acquire and support assets that endeavour to mitigate GHGs as part of a responsible energy mix.

We contract with the most talented individuals in the sector, which allows us to provide businesses with a suite of results-driven services. At Igneous, we pride ourselves on offering a fantastic and effective range of services whilst also driving our green initiative.

Helping shape the future of the energy sector.

It is hard to predict the future, but you can be sure that the energy sector will look significantly different 20 years from now than it does today.

Renewables are getting cheaper, but fossil fuels are still more lucrative. To reach net-zero, we’ll need radical intervention. the International Energy Agency (IEA), the world’s leading energy authority, laid bare the scale of the challenge in keeping the world on track to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050: a massive acceleration in renewable energy development and, starkly, no new oil, gas or coal development. 

Igneous Solutions is your solution! We can advise, manage, partner, or invest in the Energy Transition in order for Energy, Resources and Renewables companies to be successful in their efforts with the following steps.

Build strategies for low carbon business models that minimize carbon use while remaining profitable and articulate these strategies clearly to markets and other stakeholders.

Support the development of ESG metrics that are transparent, objective, and accessible to investors.

Invest in the promising concepts of net zero emissions and the circular economy while adhering to the nationally determined contributions model of the Paris Agreement.

Encourage the growth of international carbon markets through Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and expand the possibilities for joint cross-border projects for emissions reduction.

Develop a workforce strategy that leverages the above into restoring oil and gas as an attractive destination for younger talent concerned about the ESG footprint and stranded asset risk of the industry.