We are providing innovative solutions to your technical and business challenges.


We provide results

We contract with the most talented individuals in the sector, which allows us to provide businesses with a suite of results-driven services.


We value efficiency

Achieving efficiency is at the base of every project we take on. No matter how big or small the project is, the goal always stays the same.


We are green

At Igneous, we pride ourselves on offering a fantastic and effective range of services whilst also driving our green initiative.


Your project. Our expertise.

We are experts in the field and can help your business take advantage of opportunities wherever they present themselves. Our focus is on the mining and energy sectors. Including:

Greenfield prospects

Brownfield prospects

Advanced exploration

Feasibility studies

Construction ready projects

Early production sites

End of life/marginal projects


Upstream, Midstream & Downstream

The technical staff at Igneous are experts in evaluating reserves and resources. We have worked on many exploration and production projects worldwide. Our expertise combined with an understanding of industry regulations and project economics has made us a leader in exploration consulting.


Upstream Consulting

Our upstream consulting team is committed to helping clients across every segment of their upstream operations, including exploration and supply chain.

We provide strategic commercial advice based on research and our knowledge and experience. We do this to help our clients enhance their competitive positions whilst ensuring a more secure future.

Igneous consulting includes rationalising portfolios and capital commitments whilst preserving cash flow and helping to attract new inward investment.


Midstream Consulting

Our team are experts in midstream processes for the oil and gas sector. From feasibility studies, Reliability engineering, and technology selections through to debottlenecking and plant expansions.

Real-world operating experience and trusted practices help transform theories into efficient “hands-on” and functioning facilities.

Although the challenges of the midstream sector are different, we can leverage our technical skills to help partners gain a better unstinting of their assets.


Downstream Consulting

Industry restructuring, deregulation, and corporate consolidation are just some of the challenges facing you. Therefore, a long-term strategy for improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and protecting revenues and margins is paramount.

We can help your business focus on operational excellence and creating KPI’s that will drive economic performance in the heavily regulated sector.

Better efficiency leads to more sustainable outcomes and, in turn, a more sustainable and profitable business.